40 days of glutenfree yoga

40 days of glutenfree yoga

I've been wondering for a long time if gluten is hindering me, giving me headaches and/or making me store more fat than I'd like.  And I've tried skipping gluten.  Eating less of it for a week or managing maybe 4 days, but wheat has played a central part in my food all my life.  I often prefer bread to cookies.  My food has had a large portion of pasta, wheat tortillas, pita-bread, pizza, burgers…  So there was no way I'd follow through with "eating less gluten" without making a real decision and thinking a bit about what to eat instead.

So I decided that for 40 days (6 weeks minus the weekend) I would:

  • Eat no wheat, no gluten.
  • Do my yoga/qi gong practice daily (about 10 minute routine).
  • Eat no added sugars at all (but still eat fruits etc).
  • Do Bulletproof Intermittent Fasting 5-6 days per week (drink coffee with butter and MCTs in the morning, keep meals within 6 hour window).

The intermittent fasting was the only way to replace my breakfast, which of course consisted of bread, always!  (Well, I've been doing BPIF before, but not consistently.)

As you see, this is not just skipping gluten, and then as a gluten experiment it will tell me nothing at all.  The interresting part will be when the 40 days are over, and I plan to reintroduce gluten without abandoning the other parameters here.  I expect that to show me something significant.

I'll make some progress posts tagged 40 days of glutenfree yoga.  Stay tuned.

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