Surrender as religion

Surrender as religion

My religion is surrender.  My spiritual path is relaxation.

Surrender to whatever there is, because it is the only thing that is. What comes to your attention, is the reality to attend.

The path of relaxation leads to the most beautiful of destinations: Here.

All that tension does, is fighting to get away from here.  Tensing up to keep away the discomfort, which in the end is just the discomfort of the tension that it tries to keep away.

So relax.  Nothing is under control.

There are practices on the path of relaxation, the path to here; what's a spiritual path without a discipline? 😉

There is yoga asana, for how else will I relax when leaning sideways from a ladder screwing a beam in place?

There is still meditation, the relaxation of just observing, the mind, the sensations, the emotions.

There is ceremony with spirits that as frankly as a child points out to me where I'm still deceiving myself, so I can relax tensions I didn't know I had.

There is ceremony again, with powers filling me with the presence of awareness to catch myself wanting to flee from here, when here is where I am, the only where I am.

There is qi gong and other energetic practices, giving me the energy to see the melody, to feel the beauty, and to hear the softness of reality.

And relating... In it all is relating. Relating to what is, to who is.

Relating when relaxed, surrendered;  I am free to love.

Surrender as religion
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