The uncommon cold

It's not very often I get a cold.  Last week was quite hectic for me at work, just a few days from Wednesday to Friday.  I remember saying to a collegue before leaving work at Friday, that “If I didn't have good tools to handle this stress, I'd be out with the cold this weekend.”

Well, Saturday evening it got me anyway.  So what happened with all my excellent ways to not catch a cold?


Simple whole body relaxation, mental relaxation, breathing exercises lets the body handle most threats very well.  But, since I had let myself get quite stressed for a few days, I was too tired mentally to get myself to actually do my meditation.

Yoga, qi gong

Even simpler than sitting meditation is meditation in movement.  I often perform just a sun salutation and a form of qi gong called “Inner power”.

Avoiding disruptive foods

If I'm not well, avoiding foods that are demanding for my body is relevant.  Casein (milk protein), gluten and sugar are among the worst things for my body, especially when I'm not in balance with myself.  This Saturday I had guests invited, already planned for waffles with cream…

Why not?

Somewhere in the back of my almost conscious mind I think I longed to rest.  In my work, it's seldom a good time to take an unplanned vacation on short notice, but who can blame you if you get ill after working really long days?  (Well, reading this I guess they could blame me…)

So, my body tells me to take a rest, who am I to argue?  Many who did (argue with their bodies) are now dead.  On the other hand, many who shaved their beard are also dead.

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