100 day yoga gong

Inspired by a bulletproof podcast with Pedram Shojai, I decided to do 100 days of sun salutation yoga plus bihn dihn Inner Power practice daily.

I have already concidered taking up the daily yoga again, partly to see how big part it played in my well being during the “40 days of glutenfree yoga”.

Pedram claims “the 100 day gongs” train the will power.  I haven't done anything called a 100 day gong before, but I will still day that he's wrong, for the most part.  It takes will power to start, and perhaps to continue, but in the end, it gives you will technique, not power.  You stop questioning if you want to do the thing you have set up for yourself to do.  You stop forcing yourself to do it, there is just no option, so you just do it.  I think I got most of that technique taking care of baby twins.  What I wanted or not wanted wasn't relevant, so there was no point in having a struggle of will.

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