ActivitySyncer: Fitbit → Runkeeper

I made a simple synchronizing service to automatically copy Fitbit activities to Runkeeper.

Fitbit long lacked the API necessary to do this, but has now a beta version since a few months back.  Neither Runkeeper nor Fitbit seems to have any interrest in actually adding activity synchronization even if people have been screaming about it for a while now.

This is my first Heroku app, but so far, it's been an easy ride, even if I had to add my credit card information to use the free plan on mLab MongoDb connection.

The project lives on Github as fitbit2runkeeper, but on going live, I actually read through Fitbit's terms of service and saw that I wasn't allowed to have fitbit in the name, so now it's the really ambiguous name ActivitySyncer.  You can try it out on ActivitySyncer on Heroku.

If someone would like to help out, I would need an icon for this to publish it on Runkeeper app list :•)

Happy training!

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